Bhutan Mountain Coffee

The Brand Bhutan Mountain Coffee promotes organic coffee plantation and sustainable livelihoods through social entrepreneur. Every time you buy Bhutan Mountain Coffee produces, you are persuading more farmers to grow organic coffee. Its said that “you become what you eat!” And my focus is to have a safe and organic beverage for all.

Bhutan Mountain Coffee

Welcome to Bhutan Mountain Coffee, where we are proud to offer some of the finest premium whole bean coffees from the southern region of Bhutan. Our Coffee is expertly sourced, hand-selected and carefully roasted to perfection to bring out the unique flavours and characteristics of Bhutanese Coffee.

Why Bhutan Mountain Coffee ?

Bhutan Mountain Coffee offers a combination of unique flavour and a connection to the rich culture and environment of pristine nature of Bhutan and its magnificent mountains which
denotes the purity, natural, and freshness making its an appealing choice for those looking to experience something different in their coffee. It’s grown in the height-altitude above 1300meter from sea level


Bhutan is known for its commitment to environment conservation to be carbon negative country, and the coffee is typically grown organic coffee using traditional farming methods ensuring clean and environmentally friendly practices. Organic coffee farming processes support carbon sequestration, sustainable land use, and reduced energy use to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Cultural Significance

Bhutan Mountain Coffee cultivation in Bhutan also has cultural and social significance, contributing to the livelihoods of local communities involving more than 600 households were provided free coffee saplings. We want to involve as many communities in Bhutan as possible to grow coffee.

Flavour Profile

Bhutan Mountain Coffee has a distinct flavor profile, often described as having fruity, floral, and herbal notes, which sets it apart from coffee grown in other regions.

Limited Production

Bhutan Mountain Coffee produced in limited quantities, making it somewhat rare and sought after by coffee enthusiasts.

Our Products

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Dark Roast

House Blend

Light Medium Roast